Alexandr Čubarjan a sovětské dědictví současné ruské historiografie

Daniela Kolenovská


Alexander Chubaryan and the Soviet-Era Legacy in Contemporary Russian Historiography

The knowledge of Russia’s Soviet past has advanced following the partial opening of archives in early 1990s. Ever since, the Russian historical discourse has developed in three main areas: politics, science, and education. The article assesses the role the professional historians are assigned to in the shaping of the historical memory in Putin’s Russia and in constructing the new Russian identity through the redefining of Russia’s Soviet past. It exemplifies this process through a biographical study of Alexander Chubaryan, the regime’s prominent historian.

Keywords: Russia, Soviet Union, foreign policy, historiography, politics of memory, politics of history

DOI: 10.14712/23363231.2015.77

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