Ethics and Malpractice Statement

1. The journal Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Studia Territorialia adheres to the principles of ethics and publication practices as elaborated by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Those listed below represent only an excerpt from the COPE principles. In case of any doubt, or of any unusual situation that exceeds the capabilities of the editorial board, the board will refer to the COPE principles.

2. The editorial board of the journal shall, without exception:
a) support an active, open and transparent approach to the ethics of editorial work;
b) ensure a correct and unbiased treatment of authors, beginning with the submission of a manuscript, through its review, to its final production, including any eventual corrections to the published text;
c) to the extent possible, provide authors with professional advice and assistance in connection with the submission and production of a submitted text;
d) commit to the prompt investigation, in accordance with principles of publication ethics, of any suspicion of alleged misconduct and, wherever appropriate, take further action, such as issuing a clarification or correction, retracting the article, or bringing the issue to the attention of the authors’ academic employer.

3. Authors shall:
a) ensure that every submitted text is an original and unique intellectual work with respect to the intent, conduct and publication of the research;
b) ensure that every submitted text adheres to the fundamentals of proper work with data, including its collection, processing and citation, in accordance with the usual binding norms of the field;
c) ensure that authorship is clearly identified with respect to every author’s true contribution to the creation of the work;
d) acknowledge details on funding and disclose possible conflict of interest regarding the published work;
e) ensure that they are informed, that is, confirm that he or she is familiar with the editorial board’s principles and commits to respect them;
f) duly inform the editorial board if any doubt about the ethics of publication or any violation of its principles arises.

4. Reviewers shall:
a) strictly preserve the anonymity of the review process;
b) report any possible conflict of interest and recuse themselves from the review process if a conflict of interest arises;
c) strictly maintain professionalism and recuse themselves from the review process in cases where the reviewer is not able to guarantee an unbiased and correct evaluation;
d) duly inform the editorial board in case of any doubt of a breach of ethics or other serious matters, providing a description of the problem.

5. The journal is published thanks to the institutional support of the Institute of International Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and the Karolinum Press. The journal charges no fees in connection with the submission, review or publication of a submitted text.