About the Journal

Aims and Scope
Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Studia Territorialia is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal in the Czech Republic focusing on Area Studies. It covers transnational contemporary history and current developments in North America, Europe, and post-Soviet Eurasia.

The journal attracts an international academic community interested in research on memory and reconciliation, the public use of history, migration, international relations and border studies, as well as other themes that reflect broader socio-cultural and political processes and the transformation of the studied regions.

Given the journal’s transnational focus, its common denominator is an interdisciplinary approach to the conceptualization of its chosen research topics, which reflect current scholarly debates in historiography and the social sciences.

Journal History
The journal was founded in 2001. Originally an in-house publication, the journal appeared only irregularly. In 2009, it was transformed into a quarterly, open to all talented authors. Since 2016, it has continued to internationalize its scope and has been published twice a year, in June and December. The journal is published in English, both in a print edition and electronically.

Article Types
The journal publishes scholarly articles, reviews, and reports on new books, conferences and current research projects. Both recognized scholars and emerging researchers are invited to submit their contributions for publication in Studia Territorialia. The journal considers previously unpublished manuscripts only. All submitted articles are subject to rigorous double-blind peer review.

Rejection Rate
The average rejection rate for 2019–2023 is 57 percent.

Publisher Information
The journal Studia Territorialia is part of the publication series Acta Universitatis Carolinae. It is published in Prague by the Charles University’s Karolinum Press. It is published on behalf of the Charles University’s Institute of International Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Journal Archive
The journal Studia Territorialia uses the Portico digital preservation service for the long-term preservation of the journal’s content.