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Acta Universitatis Carolinae – Studia Territorialia is a leading Czech peer-reviewed academic journal focusing on Area Studies. It is published by the Institute of International Studies of  Charles University, Prague.


Forthcoming Issue: Vol. 22 No. 2 (2022)


Jan Šír, Lucie Filipová
doi: 10.14712/23363231.2023.1

Gendering Dissent: #MeToo Travels to Scandinavia in the Early Twenty-First Century
Clara V. Juncker
doi: 10.14712/23363231.2023.2

Russia vs. Ukraine: A Subaltern Empire Against the “Populism of Hope”
Valeria Korablyova
doi: 10.14712/23363231.2023.3

The Formation of the Memories of Economic Development in North and South Korea
Natalia Matveeva
doi: 10.14712/23363231.2023.4

Conference Report: The Bavarian-Czech Borderland as an Innovation Space in the “Long” Nineteenth Century, May 27, 2022, Prague
Eliška Wölfl
doi: 10.14712/23363231.2023.5

Keir Giles, Moscow Rules: What Drives Russia to Confront the West. Washington, DC and London: Brookings Institution Press and Chatham House, 2019. 234 pages. ISBN 978-0-8157-3574-8.
Jiří Růžek
doi: 10.14712/23363231.2023.6

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