China’s Growing Assertiveness in the South China and East China Seas: Reactions of the U.S. and Other Regional Players.


  • Jana Sehnálková American Center, U.S. Embassy Prague


The article looks at the increasing assertiveness of China in its coastal areas and examines the response of the U.S. and other regional actors. The article analyzes the major causes of the tensions arising in South China and East China Sea and provides an outlook into the future. It argues that China’s rise and the consequential hedging against its growing power by other regional actors and related disputes over territory have a potential of complicating the future security in Asia. It concludes that the U.S. must continue to play a key role as a guarantee of the regional order in Southeast Asia.

Keywords: US, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, South China Sea, East China Sea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, ASEAN, UNCLOS, territorial disputes, EEZ, arms races, hedging