Organizace tisku českých honoračních stran 1861–1914 na příkladu Národní strany svobodomyslné (Mladočechů)


  • Luboš Velek Masaryk Institute and Archive of the Czech Academy of Sciences


The Press Affiliated with the Liberal National Party, 1861–1914. The Structure of the Media Organization of a Czech Party for Notables

Being a traditional party for the nobility, up to 1910 the Liberal National Party (Národní strana svobodomyslná) did not have a daily newspaper of its own. However, for many years the party had cultivated close ties to the Young Czech Národní listy, which it was able to use not only for agitation, but also as an organizational center. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, the competition represented by mass and class parties grew stronger. The Liberal National Party had to adapt. The resulting reform professionalized not only procedures and party work as such, but also the media organization. As a result, a differentiated press scene evolved around the party, taking into account different interests of the people concerned. Local and regional media in particular enjoyed a dynamic development. In the end, the Liberal National Party succeeded in purchasing the Národní listy daily. After all, the party possessed its own newspaper which it directly controlled and which continually supported its work.

Keywords: Bohemia, Czech lands, Liberal National Party, Nation-building, Party Press, daily Národní listy