Slovenský rozhlas 1938–1945


  • Vladimír Draxler Faculty of MassMedia, Paneuropean University, Bratislava


The Slovak Radio, 1938–1945

The Slovak Radio was established in connection with the foundation of the Slovak State. Its main base was in Bratislava, with a branch office at Prešov. It developed a comprehensive schedule containing newscasts and features on culture, art and music. This contribution sketches the conditions in which the radio station worked: it was part of the authoritarian, nationalist Tiso regime and thus became the object of attempts to open it up for German interests and German war propaganda. At this time, Slovak listeners were also being targeted by Allied radio stations as well as by those belonging to Nazi Germany. When the Slovak Uprising broke out in August 1944, the Slovak radio was drawn into the row between conflicting factions. Whereas the Slovak Radio as a whole remained loyal to the government until the end of the war, individual staff members set up an insurgent radio station in Banská Bystrica, which managed to broadcast on behalf of the resistance for two months.

Keywords: Slovak State, Slovak Radio, WWII, mass media, propaganda, resistance