Returning Population Policy to the Sustainable Development Discourse: Israel as a Case Study


  • Rachel Gould Tel Aviv University
  • Alon Tal Tel Aviv University


Population policy, once a core environmental concern globally, has long since shifted its focus and is typically informed by considerations of maternal/fetal health. Yet, in many countries, environmental progress will remain elusive as long as the population continues to grow. Israel already exhibits adverse ecological impacts as a result of its rapidly growing population and needs to begin to adopt policies that prioritize demographic stability. This article reviews the current literature as well as the current status of population growth and environmental devastation in Israel, from a public policy perspective. The authors call on Israel and other high-fertility countries to foster strategic discussions about sustainable population policies. Along with an emphasis on the intrinsic advantages of small families, they should also include a dispassionate presentation of the anticipated environmental impacts associated with continued demographic growth.

Keywords: environment; population policy; population management; sustainable development; Israel

DOI: 10.14712/23363231.2020.8

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